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We’re used to coming up with a few feasibility studies, in bundle with a rough bill of quantities and an economic assessment.

We work using dedicated technical software such as AutoCAD, 3dMax, BuildOnLine and so on, in order to keep the pace of the design team (architects, customers, city managers, and so on).

We provide our customers with static or animated renderings in order to display how the final result – fountain, watergame or cascade - is turning out.

Our latest prestigious partnerships:

  • Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects (New Haven, Connecticut, USA);
  • Adamson Associates Architects (Ontario, Canada);
  • Edaw | Aecom (London);
  • Land (Milan);
  • Hines (Milan);
  • MSC Associati (Milan);
  • J&A Consultants (Milan);
  • Polistudio (Riccione);
  • Terragram (Surry Hills, Australia).
  • Multiple headers, footers, and sliders.

WED Sistemi has been developing and manufacturing full-integrated fountains systems and watergames for more than twenty years.


Art, scene and customers’ involvement are always our final targets.


Watergames, lights, raw materials, design, reliability and adaptability: we ought to make these themes work together.


Raw materials quality, research, innovation competence are WED’s most outstanding features.


All WED Sistemi manufacture is ISO 9001 compliant. We achieved the ISO 9001 validation both for construction and maintenance in 2013.



  • Excellent rust strength

  • Easy cleanup and good hygienic performance

  • Easy welding, ductility and forgeability

  • No magnetization when fully recooked.



  • Why do we use stainless steel?

    All our mechanical components are made of genuine AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on custromer’s demand). Such a choice makes sure a way lower planned maintenance cycle. These alloys were developed to give supplemental features compared to the traditional alloys when it comes to rust alveolar and stress strength.

  • Main features

    The main features are typical for austenitic stainless steel alloys, but with better results during the welding process.

  • Differences between 304 and 316L alloys

    The main differences between 304 and 316 alloys, let alone the AISI 316 higher cost, is due to the 316’s higher austenicity in the wake of a higher rate of nickel.

All-in-One System Maxi Square Circular All-in-One System Wed Pine-tree Mono All-in-One System


WED Sistemi invests a lot in research and development for new forms and watergames. Development and innovation are some of the keypoints of our achievement and success, they foster more profitable solutions for our customers when it comes to the budget, the efficiency and the functionality.

The Remote Control system is a clear instance of how we can roll out new technologies in our systems. Thanks to a specific software we can offer our customers the opportunity of programming and scheduling fountains’ effects and games by using personal computers or mobile devices such as TabletPCs or smartphones.