Hydraulics for fountains. Air cannon

Air cannon

The system is completely driven by air and the maximum height is anything up to 30 meters. It is suitable to be synchronized with other similar systems.

It doesn’t require a water pressurization device and comes up with spectacular dynamic shows. Thanks to the on-board light system, it does have a very good overnight visibility. The on-board control completely passes the DMX512 muster

Options features:

  • Bicylindrical configuration (vertical)
  • Multiple diameter pressurized pipes
  • Onboard LED fixtures
  • DMX-synchronized LED lights
  • Single-channel, double-effect DMX control.

Jet height (m) Pressure (bar)
9 2.1
12 2.8
15 3.4
18 4.1
21 5.2
24.4 5.9
27 7.2
30.5 8.4
The effect is spectacular as the water entrapped with the air blows up with such strength.
Air cannon

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