Hydraulics for fountains. Columnar nozzles WUFB

Columnar nozzles WUFB

Featuring a full AISI 304 stainless steel construction, it ensures long lifespan and reliability. WUFB model is equipped with brass micro-jets and it is available in two different versions.

The features make this nozzle suitable for installation in medium-wide tanks. The effect performed by this nozzle can be standalone or in bundle with other effects. It finds its purpose in outdoor or indoor installations as primary or peripheral device.

Code Joint Head m colon. mH20 Flowrate l/min Jet height m Dimensions mm Weight g Jet N°
WUFB-D0006 1" 5/8.5 80/140 0.5/3 A108 B73 600 6
WUFB-E1017 1½" 12/20.4 383/550 5/7 A108 B94 800 17

Columnar nozzles WUFB
The effect performed by this nozzle is a thick column of water from whom the nozzle gets its name.
Dynamic fountain with columnar nozzles, Euroflora. Italy

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