Hydraulics for fountains. Foam nozzles WUCL

Foam nozzles WUCL

These nozzles feature a full AISI 304 stainless steel construction, it ensures long lifespan and reliability. Available in different versions.

The nose cone is provided with a silicon gasket to get smooth orientability and optimum tightness. The nozzle’s head is adjustable in order to vary the air/water blend. Depending on this, we can have variable and suggestive effects. The air rate in the mixture can be anything from 50% up to 90%. The vertical effects we have as a result are various and suggestive, so that the device can either work standalone or in bundle with others.
Recurring layouts are rings of foam jets deflecting to the center or out of the ring’s center. The effect can be a big spruce tree or a thick water crown as a result. Measuring out the pump flow, the effects can be enriched with bursting foam balls or white boiling water.

Code Joint Head m colon. mH20 Flowrate l/min Jet height m Dimensions mm Weight g
WUCL-D2001 1" 6/20.4 130/250 1.5/5.5 A155 B44 400
WUCL-E2001 1 ½" 8/20.4 250/300 2/7 A205 B59 700
WUCL-F2001 2" 8/25 330/420 2/12 A230 B73 1000

Foam nozzles WUCL
The correct performance of this nozzle come down to the water level, as it requires the right air/water mixture to better perform. The nozzle is adjustable in order to measure out the air amount.
Foam nozzles

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