Hydraulics for fountains. Geyser nozzles WUCE

Geyser nozzles WUCE

Geyser nozzles feature a full AISI 304 stainless steel construction, which ensures long lifespan, reliability and the brightness of the nose cone.

They can perform a “wave” effect in wide and deep ponds where the falling water is blended with air (60%) so that the pond requires an automatic level control in order to limit the “spray” effect and not to lift the water level.

Code Joint Head m colon. mH20 Flowrate l/min Jet height m Dimensions mm Weight g
WUCE-C001 ½" 6/8 50/100 0.2/0.4 A64 B32 175
WUCE-D001 1" 6/8 80/160 0.3/0.5 A83 B37 265
WUCE-E001 1 ½" 6/10.2 210/300 0.4/0.8 A108 B52 420
WUCE-F001 2" 8/10.2 250/330 0.4/0.8 A120 B68 850

Geyser nozzles WUCE
These foaming jet performed by this nozzle is a big water column that reminds of a geyser. Its height may be that impressive boasting a lot of foam and spreading the mixture water/air around for some meters. These nozzles can also be used to low height watergames, just by adjusting the water level and the air rate in the mixture.
Geyser nozzles, Pordenone, Italy

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