Hydraulics for fountains. Nebuliser WUN-E

Nebuliser WUN-E

The WUN-E nebuliser gives off a splendid and stunning water fog, which becomes more and more fascinating if lit with WED RGB LED lights.

The WUN-E nebuliser features a water standard pressurising unit, giving a result which is similar to the one provided by highpressure system.

The micronozzles let out water clear and transparent microdrops, giving a very suggestive effect as a result, specifically suitable for outdoor public and private fountains.

Code Joint Head m colon. mH20 Flowrate l/min Jet height m Dimensions mm Weight g
WUN-E001 ½" 70/250 0.8/1.8 1/2.3 A47.5 B36.4 -
WUN-E002 ¾" 100/300 1.0/2.3 1/2.8 A47.5 B36.4 -
WUN-E003 1" 100/400 1.2/3.0 1/3.2 A47.5 B36.4 -
WUN-E004 1 ½" 200/400 1.2/3.8 1/3.5 A47.5 B36.4 -
White or RGB LED lights bumps up the charm of any kind of fountain, providing the surroundings with a magic and fairy atmosphere.
Nebuliser WUN-E

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