Hydraulics for fountains. Scene Creator Air

Scene Creator Air

Scene Creator Air nozzle is the ultimate technology developed and manufactured by WED’s Research and Development Dept. WED has recently pioneering new mechatronics devices and the SCA Pneumatic Nozzle is now paving the way of more advanced water games.

SCA nozzle is a combined air-water-electric device and features an extremely high flexibility of use, thanks to a wide number of jets that can equip the nozzle. Series of such devices can be suitable for major dynamic, interactive or musical fountains.
Scene Creator Air Scene Creator Air


Electrical safety is the outstanding feature of these nozzles. The on-off operations are driven by pressurized air and no electricity is required: this makes sure that maintenance operations can be scheduled by ruling out any shock or shortcircuit. Air-pressurized system are easy to integrate “water-works” compartments.

Multi SCA nozzle system is preformed and aided by WED’s Research and Development Dept.


Double valve two ways controller for high speed operation and extremely constant water jets height. 100% fluid hammer free: the system makes sure the pressure load is stable and can perform multiple on-off operations no matter the number of the devices.


DMX protocol compliant: the devices can peer other DMX system’s boards and components and assure full synchronicity of the hydraulic-lighting operations. NA/NC operations are addressed by a balanced mechanical driver.

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