Hydraulics for fountains. Scene Creator Electro

Scene Creator Elettro

The Scene Creator Electro is the beating heart of any type of fountain, no matter the layout (ground or pond) - see also Wed Scene Creator Air features. Thanks to the bypass discharge outlets, the SC Electro allows for a constant flow rate by cycling on/off operations.

The SC Electro features a 24V AC ultrafast solenoid valve. It can process an electrical impulse within 0,1 seconds and supply the water flow both to the nozzle and the bypass outlet at the same time. It is the most suitable and efficient solution for dynamic watergames, no matter they are equipped with an only pump or hydraulic circuit.

A pretty relevant headloss must be taken into account with this kind of ancillaries. The use of a supplemental discharge outlet is strongly recommended when the main outlet is connected to another nozzle.

Scene Creator Electro with cover


The WED Scene Creator Electro water switch features an AISI 316 stainless steel enclosure equipped with a NPT 1 ½” threaded water inlet and two NPT 1 ½” threaded water outlets. The enclosure’s connections are NPT/BSP compliant. The vent control valve is in bundle with the enclosure and features a watertight and submersible coil with a 9.0 feet power cable and it is fully accessible for maintenance. An optional customized longer cable can be supplied in order to connect the coil with no halfway electrical joints.

Coils are pretty affected by voltage fluctuations, so the actual voltage rate can be checked with a digital multimeter serially connected to the SC Electro water switch.

Scene Creator Electro

SC Electro water switch performance

Nozzles’ performance, when nozzles are installed on the SC Electro water switch are pretty different from any standard installation due to valve headloss and specific connections. The nozzles’ performance can also vary when comparing different types of water switches.

This mater switch allows for a supplemental spray nozzle installation on the bypass outlet and it makes this nozzle work while the main jet is off. Both nozzle can alternatively work at all. WED Scene Creator Electro requires a supplemental NR valve preventing from back pressure due to either small nozzles’ installation or low water flow rate.

A preliminary test is always recommended in order to check the right performance of the nozzle in bundle with the water switch. When the SC Electro switch is equipped with a spray nozzle, a supplemental test is also recommended. The SC Electro standard construction details allow for combinations of different sizes of switches within the same system. The switch enclosure, the power cord and the pipes must be fastened to the frame in order to prevent from mechanical stress. Most recurring failures are pipe cracks due to incorrect actions in maintenance operations.

Scene Creator Electro

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