18 Led lights

18 Led lights
  • Height (A): 155 mm
  • Width (B): 155 mm
  • Light diameter (D): 105 mm
  • Weight: 2320 gr.

Power, efficiency, sturdiness, reliability, lush light and energy saving are the features that make WED lights (with CREE™ technology) top-notch devices. The specific construction of the device, featuring a special heat sink, allows the enclosure inside to keep the right and invariable temperature in order to avert any overheat that could damage the components. We can install the lights out of the water as well, with a remarkable luminosity’s improvement.

If you can’t settle for such lush light beam, white or colored, but you’d like some chromatic light variations, WED RGB LED lights perform 16-million color variations, or, in addition to this, you could appreciate our latest light discovery, the DW (Dynamic White) tone.This absolutely new option consists of a color temperature variation (from 3000 °K to 6000 °K).

Model Power Led N° Color Lum. 350 mA Lum. 500 mA Angle
WED18W 18W / 29W 18 Bianco 2340 lm 3960 lm 60°
WED18R 18W / 29W 18 Red 828 lm 1152 lm 60°
WED18G 18W / 29W 18 Green 1566 lm 2106 lm 60°
WED18B 18W / 29W 18 Blu 550 lm 743 lm 60°
WED18RGB 18W / 29W 18 RGB 981 lm 1334 lm 60°
WED18WD 18W / 29W 18 Dynamic white 2160 2916 60°
The 18 Led lights is powered by a sophisticated electronic circuitry which ensures an improved high luminosity and a longer lifespan.
Led lights for fountains and swimmong pool