Reflecting ponds

Fontane reflecting

Thanks to the water’s natural reflecting feature, this type of systems allows for captivating lighting effects, by enriching the landscape with its proper charm and making a big outdoor water mirror available for everyone, so that it can broaden the “surroundigs view”. Reflecting ponds can be used for both narrow and wide areas.

We usually provide the kind of fountains with water treatment process in order to get rid of micropollutants or dust, sand, mud. We always recommend to install an UV-rays treatment in bundle with the basic system so we’ll have an extra performance in removing bacteria and muds as a result.

Construction Details

Treated water inlet
Treated water is supplied with a special AISI 304 microperforated pipeline lying on the pond bed or attached to the walls along the whole boundary of the fountain. This technology allows for a perfect disinfection as the liquid can be evenly spread in the pond and this makes the water always clear.

Symmetric suction
The suction manifold is always below the fountain bed and the suction holes feature a wide filtering surface. This expedient can avert a frequent maintenance period due to suction holes clogs. In spite of this, bottom suction holes can keep the water clean before it flows to the compensation tank or directly to the pump. A symmetric location in the fountain bed makes sure that chlorine is evenly spread in the water so that algal proliferation is unlikely.

Fontane reflecting, particolare

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