Remote controls

Wed Visual Control

Wherever you are, your fountain is always up and running with a touch of your fingers.
Wed Sistemi has just developed a software system which can make you schedule fountains and watergames without leaving your office.
The Remote Control Software is now available in three different versions: Windows PC, TabletPCs and Smartphones. It features the easiest and most intuitive interface ever.

WED Visual Control software has to be developed depending on customers’ needs and fountain’s specifications.

Magic sensibility brings to magic emotions.

WED Visual Control is the new interactive system, thought and developed for the optimum management of any fountain, swimming pool or spa.
This idea has been devised and turned into a renewed device featuring top-notched innovative options, which provide the customer with multiple operational choices. In addition to 4”, 7” and 10” touchscreen on-board devices, WED Sistemi has recently broadened out the range of products offered with remote control operations using HD displays and Android or iOS handhelds.

Remote controls system
The new WED Remote Control System offers several operational advantages, in addition to tailing off management and overhead costs of the fountain.

WED Visual Control software boasts a very sophisticated technology which allows our customers to have several proved benefits:

  • Thanks to real-time controls any failure can be easily fixed once it’s already been identified
  • Routine and emergency maintenance operation will be addressed with specific warning messages on the remote device
  • Downtime operations reduced by 60%
  • Online support service
  • Full remote control throughout the world

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