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A responsible and sustainable development

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Life Cycle Costing (LCC) allows for providing technical information about the environment which may be useful when the “decision making” phase is being gone about, and this can help a company tell a difference between values and facts.

Depending on the complexity of a fountain system, a LCC analysis may be devised as a multi-level tool to be used in the merchandising phase, in the manufacturing process (energetic-environmental performance’s optimization in the process), in the research and development procedure (particularly when it comes to telling apart a number of alternatives), in the strategic plan (new management policies and different manufacturing focuses), in the management program for a new system (U.M.) and in the abeyance of an existing system to be partially stopped or dismantled (R.D.).

Which procedures does Wed pput in practice in its manufacturing and maintenance process?

  • Corporate strategy for sustainability
  • Environmental validation for any product
  • Product Water Footprint (WF=0 management strategy)
  • Environmental friendly design
  • LCC analysis
  • Sustainable management for the supply chain
  • Sustainable management for water treatment – ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge – WED is one of the very first fountain manufacturers whose whole process abides by ZLD rules)
  • Energy savings – dynamic systems with no external power supply
  • Energy savings – advances dynamic systems (RA&RE combined operations)
  • Civil engineering savings – All-In-One Systems with no civil structures
  • Control/maintenance savings – all our fountain can operate without human surveillance, just driven by advanced remote controls, such as PCs, TabletPCs, smartphones running a customized software developed by WED Sistemi S.r.l.

WED Engineering is carrying out a new philosophy oriented to a responsible and sustainable development.


WED preliminary actions tend to define a path of eco-innovation which makes the environment and its protection be center stage.


All WED Sistemi manufacture is ISO 9001 compliant.


We achieved the ISO 9001 validation both for construction and maintenance in 2013.



All our mechanical components are made of genuine AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel.

Led Technology

It features low consumption rate, high luminosity, heat and stress resistance.


Wed Systems is among the first companies in the world for chemical treatment of water equal to zero.


WED Systems is constantly looking for new technologies able to guarantee charm and wonder.


WED is one of the very first fountain manufacturers whose whole process abides by ZLD rules.

The achievement of the ZLD target is often required in order to curb the pollutants’ concentrations below the minimum values provided for under local law and can be met basically with:

  • Reuse and recycle of any wastewater involved in the process;
  • Separation of the liquid fraction (evaporation or boiling) of a pollutant in order to collect the solids and dispose them in a landfill;
  • Use of filtered underground water, which can be supplied to the system and recycled in the environment.

The basic reason of this choice comes down to:

  • Take care of water shortage which affects so many construction sites;
  • To minimize the consumption of supplemental water;
  • To minimize byproducts (i.e. pollutants) in some areas where it’s not allowed to discharge them.

WED Engineering is always leaning over backwards to research and optimize in ZLD system development, it also joins research programs carried out by governmental authorities. The aim of these investigations is also the systems’ room optimization, an easier operation and maintenance, budgetary improvements and water savings.