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our fountains

All-in-One Systems

WED Maxi Square and Maxi 

Circular All-In-One Systems 

feature small construction and 

high power capabilities.


WED Maxi Square assembly
WED Maxi Square and Maxi Circular are the smallest All-In- 

One system ever designed that can make the water gush up 

to 10 meters high, with minimum energy requirements and a 

50-60 mm manifold.

Featuring easy transportation and installation, like all the All- 

In-One systems, WED Maxi devices are equipped with low 

consumption multicolor LED lights which do justice to a real 

scenographic vision.

WED Maxi systems feature sixteen columnar nozzles and four 

low consumption 12-LED lights. Light can be installed either 

out of the circular manifold or into it.

The systems are provided with pumps, a protection mesh 

and an AISI 304 stainless steel hood to ensure easy inspection 

and maintenance.These are ground devices so they allow for 

pedestrian use when the fountain is not working.

The system featuring external LED lights


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