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TheT-LinearYorkAll-In-One system is a particular 

version of the LinearYork as its manifold’s shape 

resembles like a “T” and it is usually installed in 

special shallow tanks as the system must be as 

the least invasive as possible. It is usually equipped 

with columnar nozzles and each of them can be 

mechanically adjusted by a spherical 1” valve.

The system is made up of AISI 304 stainless steel 

as well as the other WED All-In-One devices. 

The top version is a combination of columnar 

nozzles (stainless steel 8-nozzles with vertical 

adjustment) and 9-wafered white LED lights.

The submersible pump is installed on a welded 

steel frame.The intensity of the water jets and 

the number of the water columns define the 

electrical power of the system.

The driving board may be equipped with a PLC 

control and sometimes with inverters in order 

to adjust the jets’ intensity and better manage 

the operation of the fountain.


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