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All-in-One Systems

WED Mini-Cube All-in-One Geyser nozzles are mounting in Wed 

Mini Cube All-in-One system.
system is a smart device, easy 

to install and needing a basic 

maintenance, and featuring high 

efficiency and quality.


It is manufactured by using the square-cross section manifolds 

with flanges we use in other All-In-One devices, connected to Pine-tree nozzles

a special spruce-tree nozzle and mounted on a steel frame. In 

addition to the nozzle, the system features 18-wafered WED 

LED Lights.

The installation is to be at the same level of the ground so that 

it doesn’t invade the user’s perception and doesn’t spoil the 

paving layout

The nozzle is basically a geyser which can mix water with air: 

we have a big jet as a result, and the pressurization of air pushes 

out the water so that it looks like a big spruce-tree.
Geyser nozzles

The best effect turns out beautiful only if the jet direction is 

perfectly vertical: that’s why the device is equipped with three 

adjusting screws having a triangular (120°) layout in order to 

make the frame lay absolutely horizontal.

The WED Mini Cube system is suggested for installations in 

both public areas and private venues (malls, offices, residential 

lodges and so on). It can also be installed when refurbishing 
In every Mini Cube there are two 3 
old or non-working fountains as it doesn’t require big civil Led lights, RGB or White



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