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LED Lights

The LED technology does have 

many edges on other systems. It 

features low consumption rate, 

high luminosity, heat and stress 

resistance. On top of all this, the 

light source is the brightest ever.

All WED lights feature LED circuitry (Light Emitter Diode), 

which has grown in leaps and bounds among other competitive 

light technologies over the last years and thanks to a brisk and 

innovative technologic development is replacing other now old- 

fashioned light systems, such as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

Another key point of LED lights is their lifespan, a LED source 

can last more than 20 per cent if compared to an incandescent 

light bulb with the same power.

That’s why our LED lights features all these characteristics to 

be at the top when it comes to quality, efficiency, sturdiness and 

lifespan. Submersible WED lights are suitable for installations 

where light isn’t required to be too much intense (3 o 9 

wafered LED lights to be installed on waterfalls, waterwalls, 

curtains or ground fountains) or is bound to equip big pond 

fountains (9, 12, or 18 wafered LED lights).


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