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The grassroots of the optimum functionality for our lights is 

the heat sink. This device allows the light to keep the right 

temperature in its enclosure in order to ensure the best 

performance and a long LEDs’ lifespan.

The internal board where the LED wafers are mounted is 

made up of raw materials featuring high heat conductivity.The 

heat transmission to the sink is made sure by a special high- 

temperature glue.

The lens is an essential component for an optimum 

performance of the light.The source is headed to the target 

with a 60° wide beam.

Wire lug nuts feature a special inner anti-rotation bushing with 

O-ring gasket which keeps the wire in the right position and 

doesn’t allow water infiltration.

Our power supply wires are essential for the long lifespan of 

out submersible lights. Its bests are actually stress-proofing and 

waterproofing performances.

The light base, made up fo stainless steel. Allows for easy 

installation and beam orientation. Two 5MA screws are 

required for the installation.The distance between the holes is 

approximately 80 millimeters.


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