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The Company

WED Sistemi has been 

developing and manufacturing 

full-integrated fountains systems 

and watergames for more than 

twenty years.

We cooperate and interact with style and architectural firms, 

in order to better and beautify both private and public urban 

landscapes, as well as interior rooms and offices.

Our systems are made of high-quality and permanent raw 

materials, such as stainless steel (usually AISI 304, but also AISI 

316 sometimes, depending on customers’ needs), brass, copper 

and bronze.This makes any fountains have a longer lifespan and 

long-lasting performances.

All the systems’ components comply with the latest rules and 

electrical standards.

All submersible components and circuitries always run on low- 

voltage power (12-24-48 Volt).

WED Sistemi is always looking for new technologies being able 

to provide with the greatest performance and charm when it 

comes to fountains, watergames and outdoor lighting systems.

The company can count on a reliable crew of exper t employees 

and technicians and the most famous architectural firms, so it 

can develop and manufacture highly impressive fountains and 

watergames. We can also support our customers with tests 

over the whole construction phase and train their technicians 

to do the maintenance operations.


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