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Wall Washer LED lights

Led technology allows for many different choreographies and aluminium enclosure and 

light variation in every room and landscape, thanks to a slew of front protection glass

available frames and fixtures.
50000 hours lifespan

2500-10000 °K White 
Wall washer LED are rows of LED wafer mounted on rigid 
and submersible bars which can be connected each other 

through the special IP68 plugs. Wall washer LED can work 102 centimeters modules 

standalone or together by using a DMX controller which can featuring 48 led Wafers

be configured via software with a remote PC.The friendly and 

intuitive interface makes a lot of configuration available for operating temperature 

every kind of device.The installation is pretty easy and fast, and -40 °c/50 °c

the maintenance is easy too – the Wall Washer LED bar may ip 67/68 protection

have an approximately 50.000 hours lifespan.

Wall Washer LEDs are suitable for indoor and outdoor 

installation, not to mention their typical submersion resistance.

24 mm


1020 mm


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