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Nozzles’ performance, when nozzles are installed on the SC Electro water switch are pretty different 

from any standard installation due to valve headloss and specific connections.The nozzles’ performance 

can also vary when comparing different types of water switches.

This mater switch allows for a supplemental spray nozzle installation on the bypass outlet and it makes 

this nozzle work while the main jet is off. Both nozzle can alternatively work at all.

WED SCENE CREATOR ELETTRO requires a supplemental NR valve preventing from back pressure 

due to either small nozzles’ installation or low water flow rate.

meters 1

WED SC Electro lt/min mt lt/min mt
lt/min mt
lt/min mt
lt/min mt
lt/min mt

180 13 90 25
200 14
220 15
260 20
270 22


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