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Electrical safety is the 

outstanding feature of these 


The on-off operations are 

driven by pressurized air and 

no electricity is required: this 

makes sure that maintenance 

operations can be scheduled 

by ruling out any shock or 

shor tcircuit.

Air-pressurized system are easy 

to integrate “water-works” 

compar tments.


Double valve two ways controller for high DMX protocol compliant: the devices can peer 

speed operation and extremely constant water other DMX system’s boards and components 

jets height. 100% fluid hammer free: the system and assure full synchronicity of the hydraulic- 

makes sure the pressure load is stable and can lighting operations. NA/NC operations are 

perform multiple on-off operations no matter addressed by a balanced mechanical driver.

the number of the devices.

The Air Scene Creator can 

be used with different types 

of cover.


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