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hydraulics for fountains

Crystal clear 


Featuring a full AISI 304 stainless steel construction, it ensures aisi 304 stainless steel 

long lifespan and reliability. The nose cone is provided with construction

a silicon gasket to get smooth orientability and optimum 
silicon gasKet sealing the 
tightness.They are also equipped with a flow regulator which 
nose cone

allows for a clearer jet. WUIC nozzles are equipped with an 
floW regulator
orientable nose cone which can be easily blocked. It is available 

in different versions with a slew of joints.
15° orientable Jet

These jets are usually installed on straight or circular manifolds. QuicK tightening to blocK 

We can get different effects as a result, such as parabolic or the Jet orientation

vertical water combs, water tunnels with different shapes 
different Joints (from 1⁄2” 

(single-row, double, triple, and so on). We can also “draw” to 3”)

concentric rings of vertical or parabolic jets. Parabolic jets 

can converge to the tank’s center or out of this, performing 

different shapes and effects.



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