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WED Sistemi has been 

experiencing fountains 

developments for more than 

twenty years so it has gained a 

lot of know-how and resources 

which are extremely important 

in order to properly do its job.

Thanks to a lot of experience based on achievements in Italy 

but also abroad, we’ve learnt to operate in different contexts, 

and we’ve always got to find the most fitting and smartest 

solution ever.

Our fountains do have a strongly aesthetics, as they get to lure 

the people’s attention and to attract their perception.

Out special care about developing any structural and artistic 

detail and the cooperation with famous architects and stylists 

helped us design and put up fountains which complied with 

the landscape surroundings so they can be grassroots for the 

street furniture.

Our experience perfectly meets the choice of adopting high- 

quality raw materials, passing any European muster which 

can make sure a long lifespan of our systems and reasonable 

maintenance costs.


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