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hydraulics for fountains



These nozzles feature a full AISI 304 stainless steel construction, aisi 304 stainless steel 

it ensures long lifespan and reliability.The nose cone is provided construction

with a silicon gasket to get smooth orientability and optimum 
spherical head and silicon 
tightness.The nozzle’s spherical head is adjustable in order to 
gasKet sealing the nose 

vary the air/water blend and to reduce the amount of water. cone

Depending on this, we can have variable and clean effects. 
Vertical or orientable Jets 
The nozzle’s inclination is adjustable up to 15° and can be easily 
up to 15°
blocked by tightening a threaded ring.

The water column is a bit different if compared to the WUCL QuicK tightening to blocK 

one.The jet is thicker and the foam spreads at a higher level.
the Jet orientation

1” or 2” threaded Joint

aVailable in different 





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