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hydraulics for fountains



These nozzles feature a full AISI 304 stainless steel construction, aisi 304 stainless steel 

it ensures long lifespan and reliability.The nose cone is provided construction

with a silicon gasket to get smooth orientability and optimum 
silicon gasKet sealing the 
tightness.The nozzle’s spherical head is adjustable in order to 
nose cone

vary the air/water blend and to reduce the amount of water. 
Vertical or orientable Jets 
Depending on this, we can have variable and clean effects.The 
up to 15°
nozzle’s inclination is adjustable up to 15° and can be easily 

blocked by tightening a threaded ring.The water column is a QuicK tightening to blocK 

bit different if compared to the WUCL one. The jet is thicker the Jet orientation

and the foam spreads at a higher level. It needs coming out of 

the water level approximately 3-4 centimeters or more, as the 1” or 2” threaded Joint

level doesn’t affect the amount of air the nozzle can let in
aVailable in different 





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