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hydraulics for fountains

Air cannon

The system is completely driven by air and the maximum height aisi 304 stainless steel 

is anything up to 30 meters. It is suitable to be synchronized construction

with other similar systems.
aisi 316 l for seaside 


It doesn’t require a water pressurization device and comes up 
reset time: 3 seconds
with spectacular dynamic shows.Thanks to the on-board light 

system, it does have a very good overnight visibility.
Water Volume: more than 20 


The on-board control completely passes the DMX512 muster. 

The effect is spectacular as the water entrapped with the air air Volume: more than 25 

blows up with such strength.

tWo-channel dmx driVer

On top of all this, the energy consumption is scarce. The air 
time control
compressor must be free of oil and water.

dmx height control (ec 


loW electricity and poWer 

consumption (0.74 KW per 



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