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P. 28

Construction phase

One of our latest important 

achievements - 3 reflecting 

cascade ponds in bundle with 

a big ground fountain - Gae 

Aulenti Square, Milan (IT).

The main area of the site is a big stone-paved circular piazza where 

three oval holes (open spaces which provide underground parking 

lots with natural lighting and ventilation) feature three reflecting 

water ponds and cascades. Water is supplied by underground 

stainless steel conduits linked to the “P-2” level pumping station.

Water can gush out of the conduits, flowing through a number 

of holes in the paving, and create a “lake” effect enhancing the 

dark-coloured paving stone. Each of the open spaces also features 

a steep oval 9-steps flight of stairs where water coming from the 

lake can fall and then be collected in an open-channel conduit, at 

the bottom of the stairs. A series of collection pipes can send all 

the water to the compensation tank at the “P-2” level.


dynamic fountain provided with pneumatic cutoff valves which 

can turn the ground fountain to a big lake of approximately 800 

square meters.The nozzles are divided by 3 groups of 9 each, 

each jet may be driven depending on operational settings and 

programming scheme that the user can set up.

All the four fountains are driven by a special PLC microprocessor 

unit in bundle with an intuitive touch-screen panel where the user 

can combine multiple settings and working schemes for all the 

components, including light adjustments and colors, jets heights, 

water filtration schedule and disinfection.


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