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Products quality

Wed Sistemi is used to abiding 

by all the safety and electrical 

standards, starting from the 

design basics up to the final test 

on the system and then over 

the maintenance operations.

All the devices and components comply with the most recent 

and advanced electrical safety rules. We go for submersible 

lights and pumps if they only run on low voltage power (12- 

24-48 Volts).

All our mechanical components are made of genuine AISI 304 

stainless steel (AISI 316 on custromer’s demand), or brass, 

copper, bronze. Such a choice makes sure a way lower planned 

maintenance cycle.

WED Sistemi is always responsible for the whole productive 

process. We are used to looking for the best outsourcing 

companies and subcontractors,there’s no need of supplemental 

test and products’ qualification.

We can absolutely provide our customers with a fully integrated 

maintenance program after the construction phase and over 

the whole lifespan of any fountain.

The accurate preliminary field trials and the final test are the 

kernel of our proficiency.

The construction phase 
of Jeddha’s fountains.


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