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WED Sistemi only uses AISI 304 stainless 

steel for all its mechanical components, in 

order to make sure their long lifespan and 

the watergames’ highest efficiency.

AISI 304 is a non-austenitic steel alloy made up of steel and 

several components in different proportions: chrome (18-20%) 

and nickel (8-11%). The acronym “AISI” means “American Iron 

and Steel Institute” and the full name is AISI 304 - UNI EN 

10088 X5 CrNi 18/10W Nr. I.4301.

Non-austenitic stainless steel alloys (so called “high performance 

alloys, super-alloys or exotic materials) are compounds 

manufactured by using high percentages of binders (more than 

50% in weight); it’s basically an extension of traditional austenitic 

stainless steel.These alloys were developed to give supplemental 

features compared to the traditional alloys when it comes to 

rust alveolar and stress strength.

Non-austenitic alloys’ components are chrome (20-27%), 

nickel (25-42%) and molybdenum (3-6%). These pretty high 

percentages give the alloys higher acid rust strength at the 

highest temperature and concentration and crack resistance 

due to tenso-corrosion in the presence of chlorine dioxide

The main features are typical for austenitic stainless steel 

alloys, but with better results during the welding process.

Common iron and steel alloys are 
affected by rust after some time, with 
outstanding structural damage as a result


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