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WED Sistemi invests a lot in 

research and development for 

new forms and water games.

Development and innovation are some of the keypoints of our 

achievement and success, they foster more profitable solutions 

for our customers when it comes to the budget, the efficiency 

and the functionality.

The Remote Control system is a clear instance of how we 

can roll out new technologies in our systems. Thanks to a 

specific software we can offer our customers the opportunity 

of programming and scheduling fountains’ effects and games by 

using personal computers or mobile devices such asTabletPCs 

or smartphones. No need to be at the scene: the user can 

easily set up the fountain at office, at home, wherever, just by 

using an intuitive and friendly interface which can make him 

save time and money as he doesn’t need to be on site

When it comes to hydraulic technologies, All-In-One systems 

are a big leapfrog from the economic and logistical point of view. 

The easier transportability and the full customization allowed 

for lower installation and maintenance costs if compared to 

typical installations, and have been more competitive in newer 

markets where a classical system has always been unaffordable 

due to higher investments.

In addition to this,Wed Sistemi has always kept a closer eye to 

the lighting technologies with an ongoing product innovation 

and research, which headed to come up with more efficient 

advanced lights, featuring lower consumptions and long-life 



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