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WED Visual Control software has to be developed depending on 

customers’ needs and fountain’s specifications. It allows for a slew of 

innovative options such as:

• Check out real-time status of all the primary and ancillary 

services such as pumps, valves, nozzles, treatment (filtration and 

disinfection) units, lightings, techrooms, pressurized air devices, 

general operations and so on;

• Check out energy performance and consumption;

• Check out and schedule fountain’s operations;

• Set up users’ and maintenance crew’s permissions (username/ 


• Set up fountain’s features and operations (static, reflecting, dynamic, 


• Adjust fountain’s settings and operations by using a handheld 

device (tabletPC or smartphone,Android or iOS);

• Display real-time error messages;

• Save all the settings for further use or alterations.


WED Visual Control software boasts a very sophisticated technology 

which allows our customers to have several proved benefits:

• Thanks to real-time controls any failure can be easily fixed once 

it’s already been identified;

• Routine and emergency maintenance operation will be addressed 

with specific warning messages on the remote device;

• Downtime operations reduced by 60%;

• Online support service;

• Full remote control throughout the world.


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