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Life Cycle Costing

In a period of time marked out 

by financial severity and a strong 

willing of transformation,WED 

Engineering is carrying out a 

new philosophy oriented to 

a responsible and sustainable 


Life Cycle Costing (LCC) allows for providing technical 

information about the environment which may be useful when 

the “decision making” phase is being gone about, and this can 

help a company tell a difference between values and facts.

Depending on the complexity of a fountain system, a LCC 

analysis may be devised as a multi-level tool to be used in the 

merchandising phase, in the manufacturing process (energetic- 

environmental performance’s optimization in the process), in 

the research and development procedure (particularly when it 

comes to telling apart a number of alternatives),in the strategic 

plan (new management policies and different manufacturing 

focuses), in the management program for a new system (U.M.) 

and in the abeyance of an existing system to be partially 

stopped or dismantled (R.D.).

WED preliminary actions tend to define, depending on the 

complexity of the required system and the communication 

strategies, a path of eco-innovation which makes the 

environment and its protection be center stage.


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