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Zero Liquid Discharge

WED is one of the ver y 

first fountain manufacturers 

whose whole process abides 

by ZLD rules.

The achievement of the ZLD target is often required in order to 

curb the pollutants’ concentrations below the minimum values 

provided for under local law and can be met basically with:

• Reuse and recycle of any wastewater involved in the 


• Separation of the liquid fraction (evaporation or boiling) of 

a pollutant in order to collect the solids and dispose them 

in a landfill;

• Use of filtered underground water, which can be supplied 

to the system and recycled in the environment.

The basic reason of this choice comes down to:

• Take care of water shortage which affects so many 

construction sites;

• To minimize the consumption of supplemental water;

• To minimize byproducts (i.e. pollutants) in some areas

where it’s not allowed to discharge them.


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