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our fountains

Ground fountains

The most outstanding feature 

of these fountains is the lack of 

a ground pond.

These fountains showcase a strong scenographic impact and 

they perfectly fit outdoor areas, both public and private.They 

work as fountains when the system is on, whereas they look 

like pedestrian areas when the system is off, for instance over 

the winter.There’s no device or mechanic component sticking 

out of the ground surface, so you can’t tell the difference 

between a piece of a square and a ground fountain!The system 

can feature multiple water games and each of them can display 

different effects foiling against the landscape of the site.

The combination of a sequential or dynamic technology on a 

group of jets with the operation of a single jet makes this kind 

of fountains unique and captivating and capable to furnish and 

customize the urban landscape.

WED Sistemi manufactures for this kind of fountain a patented 

“basket” device with both jet and light in it, featuring inlet and 

outlet pipes so all the operation (water jet and collection, 

lighting) can be done by a single component.


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