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our fountains

Water walls

Water walls can be suitable in 

any environment, and thanks 

to high-quality raw materials, 

they can be certified as “long- 

lasting”, very durable devices.

What can see is a water film which runs off a vertical surface – 

usually a glass screen.There may be a picture, a logo, an artistic 

work or a light source behind the water.

The scenographic outcome can be enriched with submersible 

WED white or multicolor LED lights, or even with a nebulization 

system at the bottom of the screen: it can blossom new 

emotions and atmospheres, suitable to every environment.

Water is supplied to the screen with a special square-shaped 

manifold equipped with brass micro-nozzles which can spray 

on the screen and create the water film.

The full manifold is equipped with a 1” 1⁄4 GAS-threaded joint 

to connect the supply pipe coming from the pump room.


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