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our fountains

Water curtains

The most outstanding feature 

of this fountain is the feeling 

of a natural rain that gives off 

a bit of well-being and a cool 


This sort of static fountain can have different installations.They 

can be attached to a brickwork, fastened to ancillary structure 

or to an existing frame, so that they can offer wide possibilities 

of use. Water curtains give us an impressing visibility of the 

dynamic rain effect.

The hydraulic manifold features micro-jets made up of brass 

and carefully lathed so that the required flow is stable. The 

manifold has an internal hydraulic collimator as well, balancing 

the flow and a micrometric mechanical valve that varies the 

headloss and enhances the effects depending on the case.

The manifold also features an AISI 316L square-shaped 

construction and is equipped with a 1” 1⁄4 GAS-threaded joint 

to connect the supply pipe coming from the pump room.


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