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our fountains

Jumping jet fountains

Jumping jet fountains can be 

synchronized in order to create 

a strong visual and scenographic 


This spectacular and luxurious fountain features laminar 

nozzles driven by a special mechanic part which makes the 

water gush clean and clear, looking like a plate glass knife 

which could cut the air.

A more captivating and famous layout of this idea consists of 

hiding the jet below a perforated slab and letting the electronic 

board to randomly activate the jets with a higher and higher 

frequency: we can get the most dynamic and spectacular effect 

ever as a result.

The system can allow to instantly stop e re-activate the 

flow in a bunch of seconds making it follow a descending 

parabolic path.The operational program is usually chosen by 

the user via an advanced touch-screen panel in bundle with 

the electric board.

These water jets are so continuous 

and flawless that they make the outcome 

look like a transparent weapon or a plate 

glass knife.


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