Hydraulics for fountains. Vault nozzles WUID

Vault nozzles WUID

Featuring a full AISI 316L stainless steel construction, it ensures long lifespan and reliability.
The stainless steel brightness lasts long as well as its mechanical features.

The effect performed is a thin vault-shaped water layer. The most outstanding features are softness and lack of sprays.

Code Joint Head m colon. mH20 Flowrate l/min Jet height m Dimensions mm Weight g
WUID-D1001 1" 4/6 30 0.33 A350 B42 460
WUID-E0001 ½" 4/6 50 0.4 A350 B60 750
WUID-F0001 2" 4/6 100 0.5 A350 B74 1000
These nozzles are suitable for places sheltered from the wind and for narrow ponds. It can be installed either standalone or in groups with different heights.
Vault nozzles WUID

Vault nozzle

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