Water Curtains

Water Curtains, Gorla Maggiore

This sort of static fountain can have different installations. Water curtains give us an impressing visibility of the dynamic rain effect.

A water curtain stands out for its particular effect of exactly reproducing the fall of the rain. It can be used to partition off outdoor and indoor rooms, or to be a basic completion to furnish with its strong scenographic impact.

Water Curtains

Construction Details

The hydraulic manifold features micro-jets made up of brass and carefully lathed so that the required flow is stable.
The manifold has an internal hydraulic collimator as well, balancing the flow and a micrometric mechanical valve that varies the headloss and enhances the effects depending on the case.

Water curtains, dfetails

The manifold also features an AISI 316L square-shaped construction and is equipped with a 1” ¼ GAS-threaded joint to connect the supply pipe coming from the pump room.

Water Curtains

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