Ground WAIO Linear System for fountains

Ground WAIO System

It is composed by a stainless steel tank with overall dimensions depending on the hydraulic capability and performances.

The tank hosts one or a group of square-cross section manifolds made up of stainless steel featuring square flanges to link the system to the pump.

The crossways secondary manifolds, flanged to the main ones, can showcase different combinations of nozzles and lights so that the system can perform different effects.

Ground WAIO Linear System

Construction Details

The submersible pump is mounted on a special stainless steel frame and lays on the bottom of the tank. The top side of the tank can be opened for inspection or maintenance by removing a special steel or cast-iron mesh. In some particular installation – for instance where the ground is paved with special materials such as stone or glossy marble – we can replace the basic steel mesh with a more precious lid made up of the same raw or multi-layer material. To make this top layer resist the mechanical stress we provide the system with a secondary underpaving reinforced steel frame where the top can be laid.

The length and the shape of the tank allows for different layouts of manifolds and nozzless, let alone the lighting system that can be customized by using several technologies. We may use columnar or foaming nozzles, spruce-tree nozzles, gushers, slots and so on.

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