York Linear WAIO System for fountains

York Lineare

It is usually composed by a stainless steel long-rectangular or circular tank with the length or the radius depending on the hydraulic capability and performances.

The tank hosts a straight square-cross section manifold made up of stainless steel.

The system can also various combinations of nozzles and LED lights as well as the Ground All-In-One fountain. The York Linear All-In-One has the typical layout of a linear fountain, such as a one-dimension supply system, enhanced by the possibility of installing several types of jets (columnar, foaming, gush and so on).

Depending on the overall length of the system, the manifold may be a row of shorter flanged pieces in order to ease the installation and transportation.

Construction Details

The pump is mounted on a special stainless steel frame and lays on the bottom of the tank. The top side of the tank, as well as the Ground All-In-One fountain, can be opened for inspection or maintenance by removing a special steel or cast-iron mesh, or the paving.

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