York 8+1 WAIO System for fountains

York 8+1 WAIO System

The 8+1 York All-In-One system is a particular version of the Ground All-In-One fountain as it features a radial water supply with eight radial manifolds equipped with a nozzle and a LED light each. The most recurring type of nozzle is the columnar one (8 adjustable micro-nozzles mounted on a cylindrical body with an internal hydraulic collimator), but we can equip the system with different ones.

The system is made up of AISI 304 stainless steel as well as the other WED All-In-One devices and the submersible pump is installed on a welded steel frame. The intensity of the water jets and the number of the water columns define the electrical power of the system. The driving board may be equipped with a PLC control and sometimes with inverters in order to adjust the jets’ intensity and better manage the operation of the fountain.

Further versions may be equipped with 6 or 4 nozzles, depending on the available room in the tank and its overall dimensions.

York 8+1 WAIO System

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